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Webinaire Prévention et Élimination de la Poussière Lors de la Transformation du Thé

Together with AZO we have organised an online seminar for 30 German tea companies on May 19.  Subject was ‘Dust avoidance and elimination with processing of tea’. Here is a link to a ‘One hour in eight minutes’ compilation of the German spoken presentations, questions and answers.

It was a coproduction of AZO VITAL, AZO Marketing, and of LINDOR Process Engineering, initiated by Michael Kaiser, sales manager Germany.

In one hour we have guided the 30 participants with slides, animations and video clips through the entire production process of tea, from raw material handling through mixing down to packaging and everything in between. Specifically the issues around prevention and handling of dust were highlighted. AZO has presented problems and solutions with material handling, conveying and packaging. Lindor explained the problems and solutions with dosing, mixing and flavouring.

The feedback of the participants at the end of the hour were very positive.