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Gentle touch menger voor het recyclen van waardevolle grondstoffen

The leading German recycling company AURA GmbH was looking for a suitable mixer for the treatment process for metal-containing residues. After a small scale test set-up on Lindor’s site, a Lindor gentle touch mixer was found to be an extremely suitable solution. The mixer then designed especially for AURA GmbH enables different batches of used catalysts to be mixed with other materials to create usable raw materials for various industries.

The process

AURA GmbH has modern, very efficient and environmentally-friendly technology for recycling metal components from used industrial catalysts and other metal-containing residues from the (petro)chemical industry. The Lindor gentle touch mixer is part of a specially constructed treatment plant that carries out various operations such as breaking and screening. After these operations the blender mixes the catalysts with other products, for example with liquid reagents. With the Lindor mixer it is possible to mix different batches of used catalysts to give an end product with a consistent calorific value.

During his search for a suitable mixer, Mr Grünert, head of technology and development at AURA GmbH, discovered the Dutch company Lindor on the Internet. Grünert says: “We then carried out a small scale representative gentle mixing trial with our materials in cooperation with Lindor. This resulted in the decision to purchase this gentle touch mixer”.

Technical specifications

The Lindor gentle touch mixer is made of SS 316 L. The design is explosion-safe according ATEX Zone 21 (in the mixer) and Zone 22 (outside the mixer). Because of the abrasive nature of the products to be mixed, gland seals were fitted on both the inlet and outlet side. With a 15kW electric motor the mixer’s energy consumption is very low. Mr Grünert was also pleased to add: “The cooperation with Lindor and their after sales service was very good!”

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"De samenwerking met Lindor en hun nazorg was zeer goed!"

Mr. Grünert, Head of Technology

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