A Refurbished Industrial Coffee Mixer Finds New Life in Vietnam

A Lindor machine has embarked on its second journey to a global coffee company in Vietnam. The refurbished mixer, with a 2000-liter capacity drum is now on its way to live its second life.

A few years ago, the global coffee company bought a pre-owned 70-liter capacity Lindor mixer for their Hungarian plant. The success of their experience has led them to buy another pre-owned Lindor mixer for their plant in Vietnam. The old mixer has been retrofitted with a retractable inlet and outlet system that makes sure standstill times are minimized and the machine is easy to clean and inspect.

With minimal service and maintenance, Lindor gentle mixing machines have a service life of at least 35 years. Through our buyback program we repurchase used machines and give them an upgrade so the lifetime is even further maximized.

At Lindor, we produce sustainable machines as we restore old mixers to become valuable for a second lifetime. By prolonging their longevity, Lindor contributes to the circular economy.

Our gentle mixing machines produce homogeneous blends without damaging the product. This means producers can achieve a superior quality of coffee, even with a used machine. Due to our extensive experience in the food industry, we can offer advanced mixing solutions and turnkey installations for food producers.

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