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Industrial Food Mixers

Lindor industrial food mixers have proven to be a highly valuable solution in food manufacturing processes.

The fact that the Lindor industrial mixers exercise virtually no shear forces make them particularly suitable for use with fragile and/or heat sensitive products. Also the option to add liquids (e.g. aromas, oils) proves to be a valuable feature.

Typical Applications:

  • Milk powder and highly sensitive products based on milk powder, baby food, infant formula with e.g. cereals, milk powder, sugar, vitamins, probiotics
  • Breakfast cereals like mueslis, “crueslis” and corn flake products and natural whole ingredients like nuts, cereals, dried fruits
  • Tea, leaf teas, herbal teas, and teas with liquid flavoring
  • Instant drinks like sports drinks, instant coffee, “3 – in – 1” drinks
  • Instant soups and sauces with (freeze) dried ingredients, and flavors, herbs and salts
  • Cocoa and coffee powders
Lindor Gullwing mixer 640x640 px

Specialty Applications:

Additional Features for Advanced Solutions

Gentle mixing technology is at the base of all of our mixers but when combined with extra features, our mixers are transformed into innovative food processing solutions.

Liquid Injection

for coating, soaking, and impregnation

Drying, Heating & Cooling

high volume air or water

Special Seals & ATEX

According to requirements

Continuous Mixing

configuration available

Hygienic Design for Food Processing

In the execution of an industrial food mixer, special attention is paid to hygienic design and cleaning capability.

All parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316). As an option the frame and other parts can also be made of stainless steel.

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