Acronym for Active Ingredients


Acronym for ATmosphere EXplosible and is specific to the EU countries.

It’s a safety guideline/certificate that must be obtained when a product will be in a potentially explosive environment.
These explosive environments are indicated by:

  • Oxidizers;
  • Ignition sources;
  • Flammable substances
    (such as, gases, fog or vapors & explosive dust)


CIP system

Acronym for Cleaning In Place.

A fixed spray nozzle in the mixer cleans the inlet & outlet of the drum. By rotating the drum, the mixer will clean itself just like a washing machine. After this, the mixer dries automatically.

This feature can be installed in mixers with sizes M to XL and is an extremely popular option to add to our mixers.



Acronym for a Factory Acceptance Test, where the machine(s) is tested at our Lindor facility in Dordrecht in The Netherlands.


Gentle Touch Technology

Lindor gentle touch technology is developed for mixing and processing fine powders, granulates and natural products. Mixing to a high degree of homogeneity in a short time is one of the main advantages of this technology. Even very sensitive, fragile products can be mixed and processed without degradation, heating up due to friction or even topical hot spots due to high speed tool tips (e.g. paddles, ribbons).



Acronym for International Electrotechnical Commission and is just like the ATEX a safety guideline/certificate that must be obtained when a product will be in a potentially explosive environment.

IEC standards & assessments are recognized internationally as a benchmark for areas of electrical technology.


Liquid Injection

A system integrated into Lindor mixers which consists of one or more spray nozzles fitted on the injection lance. The injection lance helps the liquid flow to the spray nozzles in order to spray the liquid over the compound.

Load cells

A weighing system for industrial use.

Our Lindor Mixers size S (70-200 liters), size M (350-2000 liters), size L (3000-10 000 liters) & size XL (12 000-25 000+ liters) can all be equiped with the loadcell feature underneath the machine.



Acronym for Quick Seal Release. Also known as a retractable inlet or outlet.

The QSR option enables replacement of seals by a single operator in a very short period of time. For ultra high hygienic requirements it is possible to exchange seals for off line cleaning/disinfection. Downtime due to replacement of seals can be kept to a minimum. This option is recommended for environments where quick and easy access to seals is more and more important.

This option reduces downtime and allows for meeting even higher hygiene standards.

Examples are applications with:

  • Very stringent requirements for frequent cleaning on microbiological level
  • Risk for cross contamination between batches
  • Heavy duty use, elevated need for maintenance, high cost of downtime

QSR has been developed for products like baby food, clinical food, food additives and chemicals with highly abrasive properties.


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