Mixer-Coaters and Impregnators

Our cutting-edge liquid injection system ensures precise and even liquid distribution by harnessing the continuous movement of all particles within the drum. This technique achieves perfect homogeneity and delivers outstanding quality output.

Expertly-Engineered Spray Design

The liquid spray nozzle (or multiple nozzles) are strategically placed at the inlet side to efficiently spray the selected liquid while the mixing process is active, ensuring optimal results.

Due to the continuous movement of all the ingredients in the drum and a fine mist/spray pattern, excellent fluid distribution is achieved. Cleaning also becomes hassle-free as the liquid is sprayed directly into the product and not against the drum walls.

Additionally, the injection system allows for both one-phase and two-phase spraying, providing flexibility to cater to your needs.


Typical Requirements

The typical volumes of liquid to be applied range from 1-10%, but higher volumes up to 50% are possible in specific applications.

Moreover, you can keep your liquid at the desired temperature by choosing to heat it or maintain a consistent temperature during the mixing cycle.

This option can also be applied in combination with ATEX configuration for enhanced efficiency, precision, and safety.


Suitable Applications Include

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