Lindor Tea Mixers

By using Lindor’s gentle mixing technology to process tea leaves, your consumers can enjoy the highest quality and best tasting tea blends on the market.

Specialized Mixer Machines for Tea

The core of all Lindor Mixers is our proprietary gentle touch technology. This technology is exactly what makes the machines so perfectly suited for industrial tea mixing as, by nature, it prevents breakage and dust formation of the particles being mixed.

Furthermore, we customize each mixer to fit the production needs of our clients. For tea, generally includes the incorportation of a liquid injection nozzle for flavoring & aromatizing. Our tea mixers come in a range of sizes, from a 10-liter capacity R&D mixer with a transparent drum to a 25,000-liter capacity machine.

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Sophisticated Spray Systems for Flavoring

90% of tea mixers sold by Lindor are configured with a liquid injection system which comprises a spray nozzle to aromatize or flavor tea leaves as they are blending inside the rotating drum.

Due to the nature by which the tea leaf particles move through the drum and the strategic placement of the spray nozzle, the flavoring or aromatizing liquid is distributed evenly amongst the tea leaves and away from the walls of the drum. The result is a high-quality flavored tea blend and an easy, hassle-free cleaning job as the drum does not get lined with a sticky residue.


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"The tea leaves cannot be damaged. In the Lindor tea mixer this is really kept to an absolute minimum."

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