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Gentle Mixing Technology

Lindor gentle touch technology is developed for mixing and processing fine powders, granulates and natural products. Mixing to a high degree of homogeneity in a short time is one of the main advantages of this technology. Even very sensitive, fragile products can be mixed and processed without degradation, heating up due to friction or even topical hot spots due to high speed tool tips (e.g. paddles, ribbons).

The Mixing Principle

The key to our gentle mixing technology is that rather than paddles or ribbons impacting product with speed and force to displace particles and have these particles to hit and move surrounding product, our technology carries product to a position for gravity to let it flow and redistribute itself. The beauty of gravity is, that it is the same everywhere. So rather than a localised chain reactions of impact, speed and force we have equal gravity everywhere causing an efficient and gentle mixing flow.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

Added Functionality

Besides mixing and blending, this technology offers a very effective way to process powders and granulate. The gentle touch technology enables many different processes, even combined in the same industrial mixer, where the actual process, be it mixing, liquid dosing, or heat exchange, can be applied without side effects.

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Liquid Injection

coating, soaking, and impregnation

Heat Transfer

cooling, heating, and air and vacuum drying


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