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Lindor pharmaceutical blenders have proven to be a highly valuable part in the processing of several pharmaceutical products. The fact that the Lindor industrial mixers exercise virtually no shear forces make them particularly suitable for use with fragile and/or heat sensitive products.

Meeting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Standards

The Lindor pharmaceutical blender can be configured to meet pharmaceutical manufacturing standards, such as for instance, manually mirror polished interior.

We have delivered industrial mixers for the manufacturing of various pharmaceutical applications throughout Europe and South East Asia.

Gullwing Lindor mixer

Features and Options

Relevant industrial mixing machine options and special blending features are:

  • Liquid injection
  • Vacuum drying
  • Dual air purged seals
  • Extra large ‘easy access’ doors
  • Washing In Place/Cleaning In Place (WIP/CIP)
  • Quick Seal Release (QSR)
  • ATEX
  • Easy-to-clean security fences

Gentle Mixing for Pharmaceuticals

A typical example for pharma products is the post blending of agglomerated products with additives. Also, the option to add liquids (e.g. reacting agents) proves to be a valuable feature in many manufacturing processes.


Process Additives

Clinical Foods

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