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Lindor Powder Mixers for Gelatin Blending

Lindor powder mixers help producers of gelling agents achieve efficent production of high-quality and perfectly homogenized powder blends.

Frictionless Powder Mixers for Gelling Agents

The core of all Lindor Mixers is our proprietary gentle touch technology. This technology is exactly what makes the machines so perfectly suited for mixing gelling agent powders as, by nature, it does not generate friction or heat within the drum. Our food powder mixers come in a range of sizes, from a 10-liter capacity R&D mixer with a transparent drum to a 25,000-liter capacity machine. Especially for gelatin, larger sizes and special finishes are often requested.

LIndor food mixer

Other Suitable Applications

Lindor powder mixers are suitable for many sensitive powders, as they homogenize powders gently, quickly and without negative effects.


And a variety of other nutraceutical powders

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Such as APIs and process additives

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Hygienic Machine Design for Food Powders

All machine parts which come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel and, as an option, the frame and other parts can also be made of stainless steel. Our machines uphold a cleanliness standard of 20 parts per billion. They are certified food grade and designed in a way that powder or granuals do not get lodged into crevices or edges. Therefore, it can be emptied instanly to 99,9% and any residual can simply be swept away. Plus the machines can be fitted with large easy-access doors and QSR system.

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"The value lies in the quality of the product and the capability to mix and match batches to meet requirements."

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