Lindor Delivers a Custom Gentle Touch Mixer to German Tea Producer

Lindor draws on extensive expertise in the tea industry to provide a customized industrial tea mixer to another satisfied German client.

This medium-sized, rotary drum mixer has a batch capacity of 2000 liters (about 71 cu ft). It is equipped with our unique Gentle Touch mixing technology and retractable inlet and outlet for easy cleaning and inspection.

For this special order, we modified the standard Lindor tea blender by exchanging the outlet for a bigger one. Due to the atypical properties of the client’s product, we had to engineer a special solution that fit their needs. Enlarging the outlet will ensure the ultimate outflow of product.

The retractable inlet and outlet enable the speedy replacement of seals by a single operator. This advanced system is called a Quick Seal Release (QSR), which allows quick and easy access to the inside of the rotary drum. This convenient system along with the hygienic design of the tea mixer helps producers attain the highest sanitary standards while minimizing downtime for cleaning and inspection.

Our proprietary gentle mixing technique prevents the tea leaves from breaking during the blending process. Due to the gentle nature of this technique, Lindor blenders produce a consistent, homogeneous blend within a short cycle time without product degradation or creating dust. For tea producers, this means achieving a superior quality of tea.

With over two decades of tea industry experience, Lindor stands at the forefront of tailored innovations by offering advanced solutions and turnkey installations. Throughout the years, we’ve refined our Gentle Touch technology to meet the highest quality in tea production standards.

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