Rotary drum mixer for new compounding line in China

Lindor who are based in the Netherlands have designed and built a special heated rotary drum mixer for Switzerland based BUSS AG. The drum blender has been designed using state of the art technologies. The heated mixer is being used for enhancing product characteristics of special compounds which are produced by BUSS compounding lines in several countries e.g. China, Spain, Saudi Arabia and India.

State of the art technology

Mr. Hans Hügel, Sales Manager Overseas Business at BUSS AG, comments: “We have been working together with Lindor for about five years and we have integrated the heated rotary drum mixers in several BUSS installations. We have chosen the Lindor rotary drum blender as they are designing their products with the latest state- of-the-art technology”. The mixer for BUSS in China is of the type L4000HC and has been custom built with a water heated mixing drum, water heated injection lance and special contactless seals.

Specifications heated drum mixer L4000HC

The heated mixing drum ensures that the product keeps a stable temperature during the soaking and conversion process. The product is heated in the rotating mixing drum by hot water flowing through the double drum wall. The rotating water circuit is connected by a special rotary joint with the stationary water supply/discharge system. The injection lance for dosing the liquid (org. peroxide) is also jacketed and also heated with warm water. Because the peroxide is solid when cold, it is supplied in a hot liquid form to the injection system. The heated injection lance ensures the peroxide remains liquid and can be sprayed on to the granulate. The extreme purity specifications of this product (‘contamination’ << 1p.p.m.) forced a redesign of the drum seals. Already the slightest seal wear would already cause an unacceptable level of contamination. Therefor the seals have now been designed in a way that there is no contact between the rotating and stationary components. The rotary drum mixer is also equipped with an inlet and outlet which can be retracted from the mixing drum over linear guides. This simplifies and speeds up intensive cleaning and inspection significantly.

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"We have chosen a Lindor as they are designing their products with the latest state-of-the-art technology."

Hans Hügel, Sales Manager Overseas Business

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