Gentle touch for insect eggs

Did you know that our mixers can very gently mix brittle dried insects and even live matter, such as insect eggs? Our drum mixer with ‘gentle touch’ technology is located in the breeding grounds of a renowned insect breeder in Asia, and provides insect eggs with a nourishing shell. Once hatched, the little ones imagine themselves to be in the land of plenty, which stimulates them to transform faster.

Billions of eggs

When processing insect eggs, it’s more about volume and less about weight. Just one gram contains 40 – 50 thousand eggs. It’s a huge challenge to mix millions of eggs homogeneously with another solid, and to still keep them alive in the process. By applying our ‘gentle touch technology’, more than 97 percent of the eggs emerge from the mixing process undamaged. This is because our mixer works in batches for optimal mixing.


Successful trials

Extensive trials at the Lindor test centre show that the Gentle Touch drum mixer perfectly mixes a batch of insect eggs and flour in just six minutes. Even in a stress test, where a batch is mixed for twenty minutes, the mortality rate remains below 3 percent. Also, investigating mortality is a time-consuming process. After testing the different mixtures, it takes months before it is clear whether the eggs have survived the test.


Fluid injection as an extra option 

Injecting oils or other liquids into the blending process is a much-requested option. For example, to add nutrients for insect eggs, so that the eggs can transform better.



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