A New Mixer-Soaker for Semicon Compound Production is on Its Way to South Korea

A 1500-liter capacity Lindor post-extrusion mixer for the production of semicon compound is now on its way to a satisfied repeat client in South Korea.

As leaders in mixing technology, we understand the importance of high-quality equipment that meets production needs. After multiple successful mixer installations in Saudi Arabia & in South Korea, our client, a renown polymer producer, knows they can rely on Lindor equipment. That’s why they have chosen another Lindor mixer.

The key features are what sets the Lindor mixer apart. The drum is equipped with a jacket, which uses warm water to maintain precise temperature control. And with gentle touch technology, a homogeneous blend is achieved while keeping the particles intact. Due to the high-quality output, our clients will be able to continue to produce high-quality products such as extra high-voltage cable compound.

Cleanliness standards are met with ease due to the hyper-clean design. And with emptying capabilities of up to 99.9%, cross contamination is prevented, standstill times are minimized, and production standards are met efficiently.

Within the drum, we have incorporated our liquid injection system, which ensures even soaking throughout, resulting in a high-quality product.

At Lindor we produce high-performance mixing solutions for particles and powders which have a high sensitivity to force or friction. Using a mixer that operates on gentle mixing technology ensures the outcome of total particle integrity.

Our dedicated team of engineers is always ready to provide custom advice and assistance, to achieve the highest quality production output.

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