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Industrial mixing machines options 

Liquid injection

Liquid Injection

Liquid Injection for distributing a liquid homogeneously throughout the product is used in about 30% of our industrial mixers.

  • At the inlet side a tube with a liquid nozzle (or a number of nozzles) is placed to spray the liquid over the product while mixing
  • Because of the continuous movement of all product in the drum and the creation of a fine mist/spray pattern an excellent distribution can be achieved
  • One phase and two phase spraying is possible
  • Typical volumes of liquid to be applied are 1 – 10%. Higher volumes (e.g. 50%) is possible in specific applications.
  • Liquid can be heated/kept at temperature
  • This option can be applied in combination with ATEX configuration
Special Seals

Special Seals

Standard the Lindor industrial mixing machines are equipped with lip seals between the rotating drum and the inlet/outlet. The seals are made of a proprietary material combining flexibility and abrasion resistance. However, for specific demanding applications other seal solutions are possible. The variety is in type of seal material applied, the construction and type of seals. Based on the characteristics of the products mixed and, if needed, after trials, a specific solution can be chosen.

Besides the single seal configuration which is applied most of the time, two other constructions are frequently used: Dual Air Purged Seals and Gland Seals.

Quick Seal Release

Quick Seal Release (QSR)

The QSR option enables replacement of seals by a single operator in a very short time. For ultra high hygienic requirements it is now possible to exchange seals for off line cleaning/disinfection. Downtime due to replacement of seals can be kept to a minimum. This option is recommended for environments where quick and easy access to seals is more and more important.

This option reduces downtime and allows for meeting even higher hygiene standards.

Examples are applications with:

  • Very stringent requirements for frequent cleaning on microbiological level
  • Risk for cross contamination between batches
  • Heavy duty use, elevated need for maintenance, high cost of downtime

QSR has been developed for products like baby food, clinical food, food additives and chemicals with highly abrasive properties.


WIP/CIP (Washing In Place/Cleaning In Place)

Lindor rotary drum mixers can be equipped with spraying devices to enable washing and cleaning of the internals of the mixer.

The special water/cleaning agent sprays are mounted at the inlet, in the drum and in the outlet of the mixer. The exact configuration and washing parameters (water volume, cleaning agents, temperature, duration, etc.) always depends on the mixed products, hygienic requirements and operational circumstances. Therefore the WIP/CIP configuration will be defined together with the client.

WIP/CIP can be delivered with manual or automatic control. With manual control the washing sequence can be controlled at the control panel of the mixer by means of manually opening and closing valves. With automatic control, a washing sequence (as defined by/with client) is programmed in the PLC of the control panel.



Since July 2003 the ATEX 153 and ATEX 114 guidelines are applicable for powder installations. According to the ATEX 114 regulation a company has to check, by means of risk analyses, what the explosion risks are and if the installation has to be divided into zones according to ATEX 114. The mixer can be configured for use in ATEX zone 21 inside and ATEX zone 22 outside. Details of the process zone classification are to be provided by the client.

Because the Lindor industrial mixing machine is a mixer without moving parts in the drum and the maximum speed of moving parts is kept under 1 m/s, the explosion risks are very low by design. Few modifications need to be made compared with a standard mixer to comply with the ATEX guidelines. For more information on ATEX, visit the website of our partner Ex-Machinery.

Extra large easy access doors

Extra Large Easy Access Doors

Time needed for mixing is an important operational parameter. However, time for cleaning can be of equal operational importance. In order to facilitate quick and easy cleaning and inspection the Lindor industrial mixing machine can be equipped with Extra Large Easy Access Doors.

These doors can be sized to create a maximum opening. The opening of the doors is made easier by use of hinges and gas cylinders. A choice can be made between equipping all three doors with hinges and cylinders or just one.

To enable a correct positioning of the doors when the mixer is stopped, a drum positioning system can be applied. With this the doors stop at a postion for an operator to immediately open up and start inspection and/or cleaning.


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