industrial mixer

Special blending features

industrial mixers

Mixer with Heating/Cooling Drum

By equipping the industrial mixer with piping on the wall of the drum and with double walled vanes, the drum can be heated or cooled with water. This can be used for providing a heat treatment to products while being mixed. Heating/Cooling Drum can be delivered in combination with liquid injection and other options.

industrial blender

Continuous mixing

The industrial blender can be configured as a continuous mixer. The output can be controlled by a special valve. With this the average residence time can be controlled. With this configuration an continuous, uninterrupted, product flow can be moved through the mixer.

Continuous mixing can be delivered in combination with liquid injection and other options.

drum mixer

Air Drying/Heating/Cooling

The industrial mixer can be equipped with special ducting to allow for a continuous airflow through the blending drum while the product is mixed. With the airflow the product can be heated, cooled. This set up can also be used to adjust the moisture content of the product (drying) or to dry off excess moisture just added with liquid injection.

gentle mixer

Cryogenic Mixing

Cryogenic Mixing at -120°C < T < -80°C is possible with special adaptations to inlet, outlet and drum. The rotary drum mixer and product is kept at low temperature by using liquid nitrogen in the dosing cabinet, inlet, mixing drum, and outlet. Parts of the industrial mixer are double walled in this configuration.

With a PID control loop and solenoid valve for Liquid Nitrogen the set temperature is controlled.


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