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Our drum mixer on television

As far as we are concerned, you can’t be too young to become acquainted with our technology and our gentle touch mixers. They must have been thinking the same thing at the educational children’s television programme ‘Het Klokhuis’. Since 1988, the programme has been explaining to children, in an accessible way, how the world around them works. This can cover just about any subject, for example how cereal bars are made in a factory.

Well mixed

In this episode the presenter explains in 1.27 minutes how important it is that the ingredients for the cereal bar are extremely well mixed. Immediately after that, a Lindor drum mixer is shown on the screen.

Happily surprised

Naturally, we were hugely surprised that our mixer, in all its glory, featured in a well-known and highly regarded television programme in the Netherlands. How muesli is mixed inside the drum is shown in the video below.