industrial chemical mixers

Industrial chemical mixers

Lindor industrial chemical mixers and processing machines enable a large variety of materials to be treated with a range of processes in one machine. 

The fact that the Lindor industrial mixers exercise virtually no shear forces make them particularly suitable for use with fragile and/or heat sensitive products. Also the option to add liquids (e.g. reacting agents) proves to be a valuable feature in many manufacturing processes.

A wide variety of products

A wide variety of chemical products and polymers are processed  in Lindor processing machines. Some typical applications are for instance: polymers, compounds, ceramics for electronics or refractories, SAP (Super Adsorbent Powder) used in sanitary products, casting additives, etc. Moreover, Lindor mixers are suitable for (highly sensitive) powders. Examples of powders mixed by Lindor powder mixers are: detergents, battery powders and metal powders.  

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  • industrial chemical mixers

    Metal salts

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  • ndustrial chemical blenders

    Metal powders

industrial chemical mixer

Processing chemicals

For the processing of chemicals often larger mixers are used. Lindor industrial chemical mixers can be delivered in sizes with a batch capacity of up to 25 m³ or 20 tons. (Even larger sizes can be considered.)

The mixers can be equipped with water heating and/or cooling capability, thus creating a rotating reaction vessel in which products can be exposed to a heating/cooling process. The industrial chemical mixer can also be delivered in a continuous mixing configuration with a variable throughput and residence time.

Relevant industrial mixing machines options and special blending features are:

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