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New Lindor site focusses on process industry questions

Our main aim in designing a new website was to help you find the answer you are looking for on our website quickly and easily. You can see whether we have succeeded in this for yourself on Michelle Haverkort, management assistant and also responsible for communication, was closely involved in setting up our new site.

New Lindor site focusses on process industry questions

Simple layout

The website has a very simple layout with three main subjects:

  • Our technology: what our technology is able to do.
  • Your products: for what types of products do we have unique solutions, for what products are there already many Lindor machines running and what are the specific requirements of your products.
  • Our mixers: Our range: mixers, but also dryers, impregnating machines and machines for combined processes.

You can also find various brief descriptions of applications at customers (case studies).


Visitors are not necessarily looking for a mixer, but rather a solution. “For example, they want to impregnate a product in granular form, then mix it homogenously and afterwards dry it”, explains Haverkort. “The new website explains how we help you think this through.”

Frequently asked questions

Lindor has a clear idea of its customers’ questions. The new website therefore gives answers to frequently asked questions. “For example we noticed that many customers wondered how they could test their products in a Lindor machine. That can now be done at various locations around the world.”

Available in five languages

Haverkort has put in a lot of work to keep the site as sleek and accessible as it now is. Texts and illustrations have been updated and the website has been translated into four languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

More contact forms

All the effort put into this is now paying for itself. “In the first week that the website went live we were immediately receiving many more contact forms than before.” Technically the new website will last a long time. Are you interested in our new site? View it now on



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